Responsive Design Templates

InstaPage Standard 5.0 is the result of over a year and a half of intensive development.

The new version introduces responsive templates for the first time - website templates designed to adjust to any common device resolution, all popular browsers, and all popular tablets and smartphones. Now, 100% of your HOA website's front end features will display and function properly on smartphones. This is a significant leap forward to current, cutting edge technology.

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Greater Security Flexibility

InstaPage Standard 5.0 provides much greater flexibility to Site Administrators in determining what website content should be publicly viewable or accessible without registration and login, and which content should be protected.

For example, Document Library folders (aka categories and sub-categories) can now be designated one of three ways: 1) public (files visible and accessible to anyone without registration and login), 2) p

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InstaPage 5.0 Launch Schedule

InstaPage Standard 5.0 went through a 60 day beta program during February and March 2018. During that period volunteering clients were the first to enjoy the benefits of 5.0 and were provided a discount on the upgrade for their participation and input. These HOA's were instrumental in providing feedback that helped us address a final batch of issues, and lead to plans for future improvements. We thank them for their contributions.

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