Welcome to Our Community!

Tolomato Island is a coastal commmunity in Darien, Georgia.

Tolomato is the place to find...tranquil privacy amid nature and history... boating as a way of life... fishing and crabbing that are exceptional... illustrious birdwatching... a haven close in, but worlds away.

We encourage you to explore our site and contact us with any questions. ...  [ read more]

Why You Will Love it Here..

Water recreation and sports, both in the community and nearby, are a big reason people enjoy being at Tolomato Island.  Many homes have docks or marshviews along with the benefit of our private community dock, and all properties enjoy the quiet and privacy of our wooded setting.  Bordered by marshes and creeks, beautified by spanish-moss covered live oaks, palmettos and tall pines, and home to a variety of birds and other wildlife, Tolomato Island i...  [ read more]

Tolomato Island History

Special, too, is our part of a continuous history of human occupation of this area that goes back thousands of years. Through dating of pottery we know that a succession of Native American peoples lived here from at least 2000 BC into the 1600's, leaving shell middens and pieces of pottery that can still found today.  These  Native American populations included Swift Creek and Guale.  Later came Spanish missionaries and, subsequently,  the first colonists of Geor...  [ read more]