Old Mill Lake is located in Montgomery County, Texas and was created with the notion that neighborhoods should be more than a collections of homes with some clever marketing gimicks thrown in. They should be a warm and welcoming refuge from the daily grind. A sense of peace and serenity is achieved when the structures in a neighborhood complement and blend with the natural beauty of the land.

Old Mill Lake’s architectural requirements have resulted in homes utili...  [ read more]

About Our Homeowner's Association (HOA)

Old Mill Lake has a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) which manages and governs the affairs of the neighborhood.  This is done mainly through the Board of Directors. This management includes enforcing the rules and regulations found in the governing documents which were developed by the homeowners in the neighborhood.

Make a Payment

Need to make a payment to Old Mill Lake? Send your check payable to Old Mill Lake to PO Box 758/Pinehurst, TX 77362