Mar 16, 2020 -  

Dear Homeowners:

In light of the recent declaration of a national emergency as a result of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes—COVID-19, and guidance regarding social distancing and other efforts to mitigate spread of the novel coronavir

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Mar 16, 2020 -  

The Bel Air Glen Homeowners Association was developed in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains in 1970. The Association is comprised of 220 detached single family homes located on more than 100 acres. For its residents use and enjoyment, the Association's recreational facilities consist of 3 tennis courts, pool, jacuzzi, brand new fitness center, basketball court, new clubhouse, male and female locker rooms, nature walking trails, children playground and a smal...  [ read more]


Jan 23, 2018 -  

Dear Friends and Fellow Homeowners,

The Board wanted to update you all on the recent mini-Town Hall meeting held in the HOA Clubhouse last Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  The homeowners present, about 20-30, were asked to state any concerns they had about the Gate Project or the ballot process and were able to ask any questions they had.  The meeting lasted more than two hours.  Every homeowner who had a question or who stated a complaint was allowed to speak and there was n...  [ read more]