Increase Safety - Decrease Speed!

Jan 12, 2021

Increase Safety ∙ Decrease Speed Campaign    

The safety of our CLP members, pets, and all the creatures of our Preserve is endangered by vehicles that travel over our 20 mile per hour speed limit.  It is time for us to make speed enforcement a priority. This topic comes up repeatedly in our monthly board meetings as members express their growing concern about feeling safe while walking or biking in our community.  

Road maintenance and dust retardant treatments costs are much higher than necessary because people speed along our roads. The reduction of increasing maintenance costs is another reason to slow down.   Some drivers may simply be unaware of our 20 mile per hour speed limit, or may not even realize when they exceed it. Many of us comply with these limits and want others to do the same.

Did you know that it is your responsibility to make sure that your visitors, contractors and delivery service drivers are aware of our reduced speed limits in Cobbs Lake Preserve?    

Therefore… we have launched our       CLP   GO SLOW  CAMPAIGN  

We believe that this INCREASE SAFETY ∙ DECREASE SPEED Campaign will promote awareness of our reduced speed limit and encourage community compliance in a positive and respectful manner.  

Join us !   Increase Safety ∙ Decrease Speed!