From:  President LSPOA

As you are probably aware, this has been a fairly wet period for the Lake Summit/Green River area, causing the lake level to be fairly high… sometimes at or approaching "full pond".   With that in mind, it seems appropriate to remind LSPOA members, family members, renters, and others with access to Lake Summit of our "no wake" restrictions in these situations, as established in 2012. 

As you know, this restriction has been necessary since the combination of high water and a boat wake causes potential damage to boat houses, sea walls and banks, boats inside their boathouses, and increases the likelihood of personal property being washed off the docks.  In an attempt to find the appropriate balance point between recreational and property concerns, the LSPOA Executive Committee met, discussed our options and made the decision to implement the following:

No boat wake if water level is 99’ or higher.  This can be checked on the lake at the various gauge sites or on the Northbrook website, http://carolinalakelevels.com/index.php/lake-summit-water-levels

LSPOA officers and staff will attempt to inform ALL registered and visiting boaters of this restriction

Property owners with renters will be responsible for informing their tenants of the restriction

A gauge and flag has been installed at the ramp to notify GRFD residents or fishermen in the case of a wake restriction

LSPOA will install additional gauges around the lake for residents to check the water level

The lake level can be viewed on the Northbrook Energy website:  carolinalakelevels.com