April 3, 2021

LSPOA Member Boat Stickers 2021 Application is now available.   Please note the new mailing address and contact information for applications.  LSPOAsticker@gmail.com

Green River Fire District (GRFD) Boat Stickers 2021 Application now available. 

Green River Fire District Boat Sticker Fees 2021

In 2019, Lake Summit was sold by Duke Power to Northbrook Energy.  As part of the sale, the Lake Summit Property Owners Association (LSPOA) negotiated a new 15 year lease with Northbrook.  This lease insures stable water levels for the use and enjoyment of the lake by the property owners and residents of the Green River Fire District (GRFD).  The lease costs $30,000 per year, in addition to other costs routinely paid by the LSPOA.  These costs include insurance, lake safety patrol, gate attendant,  gate maintenance and repair, security cameras, administrative costs, utilities, water quality testing, trash removal, and other miscellaneous items. 

In 2020, there were 120 power boats registered by GRFD residents, compared to 240 registered by lake residents, so while 1/3 of the users are GRFD residents, under the new fee structure, GRFD residents will only be contributing 11% of the costs to operate the lake.  There is no longer any distinction between “fishing boats” and “pleasure boats”.  Lake Summit’s new boat sticker fee is $80 for the first powered boat, and $20 for each additional boat owned by the same applicant.  This is the same for residents of the lake and residents of the GRFD as agreed to in the 1993 Green River Steering Committee Agreement.

As far as we can tell, Lake Summit is the only private lake in Western NC that allows non-residents to use it, other than Lake Lure.  At Lake Lure, a limited number of non-residents are allowed to launch fishing boats for a $130 annual fee, and pleasure boats for a $600 annual fee.   

Please contact GRFDsticker@gmail.com for questions.  Joyce Biddix no longer handles sticker applications.