Winter Water Shutoff Do's and Don'ts....Important Checklist

October 25, 2020

Water Check List – Do’s and Don’ts

1.  Locate and mark main water shutoff valve in home.

2.  Turn off water to washing machine after use.

3.  Change washing machine hose every 5 years – use Metal Flex Hose.

4.  Have roadside water valve available at all times.  Place a “flag” on valve bar for visibility.

5.  If you will be away, turn the water off at the roadside valve.  

6.  Keep heat on at a reasonable temperature (50-55 degrees) if water is only shut off inside house.

7.  Open cabinet doors under sinks for heat circulation.

8.  Have someone check your home when away.

9.  Close vents to crawl space.

10.  Do not walk in water in the house due to possible ELECTROCUTION!!!

11.  Notify Water Committee to shutoff and turn on water before doing anything else.

12.   Be safe rather than sorry.

13.   Consider installing a “Cold Light Sensor”, when away from your home during the winter months.

14.  Be considerate of neighbors in the community.  You could be causing problems for all, not just yourself.