Different Yet Very Familiar

As you have noticed, the front end of InstaPage Standard 5.0 - the part of the website seen and used by the public and your registered users - has received a significant upgrade and looks quite different as it reflects current web standards. However, we have invested considerable effort to ensure administration of the new product was an easy transition for our Site Administrators.

We have retained essentially the same look and structure for the Site Administrator Control Panel in order to maintain a familiar environment for site administration and content management.

We have phased out the increasingly problematic use of Adobe Flash for file uploads. We have reduced the overall feature set with the retirement of forums and classifieds. We have increased Site Administrators' control over what content will be publicly available sans registration and login, what content will be reserved for logged in registered users, and what content will be reserved for Board members.

This increased flexibility will require some learning curve to administer as it necessarily makes features like news, library documents, and photo albums a bit more complex to administer. That is the necessary price of increased flexibility. However, as always, our email support team is here to assist you in administering these new functions.