Jan 23, 2018

Dear Friends and Fellow Homeowners,

The Board wanted to update you all on the recent mini-Town Hall meeting held in the HOA Clubhouse last Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  The homeowners present, about 20-30, were asked to state any concerns they had about the Gate Project or the ballot process and were able to ask any questions they had.  The meeting lasted more than two hours.  Every homeowner who had a question or who stated a complaint was allowed to speak and there was no limit on the questions or complaints, other than after more than two hours, the request was made that only new questions or new complaints would be responded to. 

There was a lively and spirited discussion about the complaints that some homeowners had regarding the voting process, the lack of secret voting, the characterization of the level of support which was observed at last June 2017’s Town Hall meeting, the various rationales for the Gate Project, the lack of data on the incidence of crime, increased traffic, the effect, if any, on property values, the inconvenience to homeowners and their guests, the lack of full information regarding the projected costs of the Gate Project application and construction process, the perception that not enough information had been presented in order for some homeowners to vote, the lack of position statements in favor of and against the Gate Project, the perception of the Board’s lack of transparency during this process, and the Board’s authority to incur the costs associated with the Gate Project, among other topics.

There was also a lively debate about why the Board needed homeowners to cast a vote in the time initially required or even as extended in order to allow those homeowners who felt that they did not have enough information with which to cast a vote, to hopefully obtain such additional information.  In the end, those homeowners who felt they had received enough information to enable them to vote regarding the Gate Project cast their ballots by the     initial January 12, 2018 deadline; and those who needed additional information to enable them to vote either cast their ballots by the January 19, 2018 deadline or did not cast their votes. 

Because there was so much discussion regarding the projected costs associated with the Gate Project in addition to the information and estimates previously provided these past few weeks and months, the Board will be distributing a draft of a projected budget, along with several possible modest dues increases models, so that homeowners can see some more detail regarding the projected costs.  As the Board has stated on numerous occasions, many of these costs are only estimates because we do not know the outcome of quite a number of variables which may arise during the process. 

75\% of 220 homeowners = 165.  The Board is also announcing the results of the vote on the Gate Project as follows:





Relevant Time Line and Gate Project Vote Results

Beginning of ballot distribution

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Receipt of initial concerns about needing having additional questions and needing additional information

Saturday, December 15, 2017

Initial Deadline for voting

Friday, January 12, 2018

Extended deadline for voting after scheduled mini-Town Hall to discuss additional questions and concerns

January 19, 2018

Ballots received on or before 1/12/18

Yes:  172     No:  17

Ballots received on or before 1/19/18    

Yes:       0    No:   2

Total ballots received

Yes:  172     No:  19


Thus, as the Board has stated, all this initial indication of homeowner sentiment represents is the first step in a very long process.  An application will be submitted to the City by our land use attorneys to begin the process of privatizing the now-public portions of Woodwardia and Angelo, and as the City advises us of the status of the application process, the Board will continue to keep the community involved. 


Very truly yours,

The Board of Directors of the Bel Air Glen Homeowners Association